Privacy Policy

We at Nordic Volt Germany GmbH (subsequent: Nordic Volt) know how important privacy is for our customers,

suppliers, partners and site visitors, and our goal with this policy is to clearly and transparently describe how we collect, use, display, transfer and store your information so that you are confident that your personal information is in safe storage. Nordic Volt carries out all handling of personal data in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

Personal data is any information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to an actual person. Nordic Volt collects personal information in several ways, primarily by personal contact with you, but in some cases, a person may provide personal information about other people as well. We collect personal information from you when you contact us, for example via email, telephone or in other ways. First of all, we collect the personal information needed to answer your question, complete agreements between you and Nordic Volt. When using our site, we collect information about your use of the service. Some of these data may be personal data, such as your IP number. We also collect information about how you navigate the website, what searches you make and what information you are interested in.

Responsible for the personal data we gather about you is Nordic Volt Germany GmbH, Sillemstraße 60A, 20259 Hamburg (phone +49 170 7495356, email Nordic Volt stores personal information in order to answer and handle contacts and requests from customers, web site visitors and social media, applicants, suppliers, and collaborators, in order to deliver and follow up the services ordered from us to complete agreements between you and Nordic Volt and for marketing purposes, such as newsletters, information about competitions and other projects or news about Nordic Volt. Our legal basis for processing personal data if we have not obtained your consent is necessary to fulfill the agreement – If you choose not to provide your personal information, we may in some cases not enter into an agreement with you. Certain processing also takes place in order to fulfill legal obligations, such as Nordic Volt’s accounting obligation. If you have no contractual relationship with Nordic Volt, we may process your personal information if we have a legitimate interest in following up with you or by taking direct marketing measures. In such cases, information will be processed in accordance with your interests regarding personal integrity and with consideration of your fundamental rights and freedoms.

If necessary to be able to deliver the services you ordered from us, we hire external suppliers, such as cloud service providers of word processing, mail clients, office products, storage and system services, within the EU. The transfer of personal data outside the EU / EEA is only for the protection of personal data in the event of a major security incident – in that case, an adequate level of protection is also maintained abroad (in case of incident you may contact us for information on the level of protection). Otherwise, personal data may be processed by our IT providers in the area of ​​operations, support and system services in our IT environment.

We process your personal information as long as we have an active customer relationship with you and then in accordance with good practice in our industry. You are entitled to request free access, correction or deletion of personal data about you that we store, as well as limitation of storage relating to you and objection to such storage. You also have the right to get the information we process about you in a widely used machine-readable format. If you have consented to our personal data processing, you are entitled to withdraw it at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns about what personal data about you we are storing and how, please contact us at or by telephone +49 170 7495356, or via a regular letter sent to Nordic Volt Germany GmbH, Sillemstraße 60A, 20259 Hamburg.

Cookie Policy

We at Nordic Volt know how important privacy is and our goal with this policy is to describe in a clear and transparent way how we use cookies on our website, how it affects you as a visitor, what information we get access to and how we use it.

A cookie is a text file that is stored on the visitor’s computer or other device, for example, when connected to a website. At later visits, the file can be retrieved from the client device again. The cookie is stored in connection with the files used by the computer / device browser or the corresponding application / program. You can access, block and remove stored cookies on your computer or device if required – otherwise the cookie files will be stored until expiration date, if any.

The web site use cookies to improve access and user experience for site visitors.

You can enable / disable cookies in your browser settings. For information on how to do it and read more about cookies, please visit

If you have any questions or concerns about what information we are dealing with and how you can contact us at or by telephone +49 170 7495356, or via a regular letter sent to Nordic Volt Germany GmbH, Sillemstraße 60A, 20259 Hamburg.